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Program Management

  • The Programs, Projects and Operations team exists to ensure potential projects and approved projects are managed in a considered, predictable and transparent way.

    A basic toolkit, which is designed to be tailored to the needs on an initiative, is provided to help people get started with operational change projects, and new technology related projects here. (password protected).

    Programs and projects are undertaken to ensure the Harvard Library delivers useful and innovative changes to users of the library and the people who work in them. The team focuses on five areas of activity

    1. Aligning programs and projects with the foundational and transformational strategies of the Library and taking on the right sets of work at the right times.
    2. Getting the job done – through disciplined use of simple tools we ensure projects are managed and reported on to accomplish the goals of a project and to ensure project partners are well informed throughout.
    3. Promoting project management excellence – by paying attention to the methods used and the competence needed to deliver on projects well and promoting the training and experiences needed by staff.
    4. Learning – by ensuring project debriefing sessions take place at key milestone points and ensuring lessons learned are widely shareable.
    5. Decision-making – Providing the information necessary for governance groups to make well informed decisions.

    For additional information, please contact the Library Programs and Projects team:

    Jim Borron, Senior Program Manager
    Ceilyn Boyd, Senior Project Manager
    Cathy Conroy, Head of Library Operations and Special Projects
    David Downs, Senior Project Manager