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Mission: The Harvard Library advances scholarship and teaching by committing itself to the creation, application, preservation and dissemination of knowledge.

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Strategic Objectives
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The Harvard Library Board approved strategic objectives for the Harvard Library in spring 2013. The strategic objectives are to:

  • Implement a Harvard Library collection and content development strategic plan in support of University-wide research, teaching and learning for today and the future.
  • Enable effective access to the world of knowledge and data through intuitive discovery, networks of expertise and global collaborations.
  • Deliver innovative and programmatic support for learning and research in partnership with faculty and other research and pedagogical support organizations.
  • Steward vulnerable and critical research information in partnership with academic and administrative functions across the University and beyond.
  • Support a robust professional development network in a learning organization for library staff to achieve the strategic initiatives and the mission of the Harvard Library.
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The initial benefits to the Harvard community include:

  • Development of collections across and outside Harvard.
  • Faster delivery of information.
  • All Harvard users can borrow materials from anywhere in the University.
  • More access to unique materials, physically and digitally.
  • Delivery of high and consistent standards of service University-wide.
  • Better understanding of and adaptation to user needs.
  • Ability to create, curate, share personal digital collections for research and teaching.
  • Access to expertise and a technical infrastructure to archive digital materials.
  • Development of innovative library practices, services and products.
  • A global network of relationships that ensures best practices.